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Gentle meditation sessions can help you achieve relaxed mind states in just a few sessions that those who meditate can take years to achieve. Achieving this feeling helps you create awareness of what it feels like to be relaxed. Remembering this state helps you recreate it yourself in other situations.

Learning and Focus
Learning and Focus sessions help to eliminate distractions and work to increase your ability to study and remember facts and be able to communicate your knowledge and put it down on paper. It also reduces the symptoms associated with ADD/ADHD.

Seasonal Mood Variations
Seasonal mood variations are believed to be related to light. Researchers at clinics around the world have had much success in using light to effect change. Some people notice a difference in three or four days for others it may take several weeks.

Sleep sessions can help you fall asleep quicker and help you sleep better so you have more energy when you wake up.

Improve Mood
Mood Booster sessions can be helpful in increasing positive states of feeling.

Improve Mental Functioning and Per-formance
Whether a mental athlete in boardroom or physical athlete in the field life-pulse helps increase brain plasticity, encourages consolidation of memories and helps increase performance when learning ac-tivities.

    The Life-Pulse uses organized repetitive light and sound stimulation of a particular frequency to gently guide the brain into desired beta, theta, alpha, and delta brainwave states. The light and sound does not transfer energy directly into the brain but rather simply stimulates the eyes and ears and nerve cells carry that stimulation to the part of our brain that is re-sponsible for consciousness, alertness, and sleep. Typically, four to eight minutes after beginning use our muscles begin to relax, the energy in our skin raised in response to stress begins to decrease, the blood flow in our extremities stabilizes, breathing becomes re-laxed, and our heart rate becomes uniform and smooth.

Researchers hypothesize that Light and Sound Technology produces a calming effect on our limbic system which serves as the center of our emotions. Research studies confirm use of light and sound technology is effective in im-proving thinking and behavioral problems, and alleviating stress and pain. Other studies show this approach has been effective for ADD/ADHD, SAD, migraines, depres-sion and anxiety and insomnia. Life-Pulse is licensed by Health Canada as a Class

The Life-Pulse is so easy to use! Simply find yourself a comfortable spot where you won’t be disturbed. Sessions last an average of 30 minutes. Connect the eyeset and headphones to the Life-Pulse, turn it on and select your session. Close your eyes, lay back, relax and enjoy! It’s that simple. The lights and tones will gradually fade out

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